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London children's and family photographer Rosalind Hobley offers Family Photography, Children's Photography, Baby Photography, Newborn Photography, Actor's Headshots and Business Headshots in Central London and surrounding areas
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What to expect during your newborn photo shoot
Newborn Photography

Newborn babies change so quickly that most parents are keen to record every detail of the way they look. The first few days and weeks at home with your new baby are an intensely emotional time, and photographs of the new baby and new parents can be some of the most treasured.

How it works

As most people don’t have a definite due date I suggest making a provisional booking to secure a place before your baby is born, and then we can move it as required.  The really new newborn look is mostly captured within the first two weeks of the baby’s life, but if life gets in the way and we do the photo session later, there will be more photos of the baby with his or her eyes open and with more expression.

What happens during the shoot?

I recommend that we start in the morning to allow time for naps and feeds. I book only one shoot per day, so you will get my full attention and will not feel rushed in any way. The newborn shoot can last 3 to 4 hours, but there will be a lot of breaks in that time for feeds and changes.

Your session fee includes a phone or email consultation to advise on clothing for you and your baby, preparating your home for the shoot, and to answer any remaining questions you may have.