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Children’s photos outdoors: central London child photographer

I have been so busy since getting back from our holidays that my blog has been languishing untouched, but starting with the last first, here is a photograph from an outdoors shoot yesterday when the weather and sunlight were beautiful for photos, and my subject couldn’t have been more perfect.

It was hard to choose photos from this session as there were so many beautiful ones, but this is one of my favourites because she is so absorbed in her world. She found a ‘nest’ of grass to sit in and is carefully feeding her toy rabbit.

child feeding toy rabbit



Award winning portrait photographer

I entered a national portrait photography competition a few months ago and am delighted to announce that I won first prize.

I think like all skills photography requires constant practice, and I have thousands of images of my family and friends as well as all my client work. When I read about the Portrait of the Year competition run by Photoanswers I looked through my archives for something that might match their brief of an image that stands out from the crowd. (To be honest, the one I picked is my favourite photo of my daughter – it makes me smile every time I look at it.)

These were taken during an afternoon spent playing with a joke pair of water-squirting glasses that came free with a Simpsons comic:

award winning photography child with joke glasses

and here is the winning photo:

girl with joke glasses photographer of the year award

So a big thank you to Digital Photo and Practical Photography magazines for choosing my photograph, and thank you to my family for putting up with constant photos!

digital photo competition winner