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I always dread having my photograph taken and as a result I often look awkward. Rosalind instantly made me feel relaxed and her photographs really showed that

Katy M, London.

It was great the way Rosalind put the children at ease. They had so much fun and as a result they look like themselves in the photos

Molly S. London

Thank you. They are beautiful! You are the only person she is happy to pose for. You obviously have the magic touch!

Helen W. Marylebone

Rosalind is especially adept at taking natural surroundings, using suitable lighting and cropping, to create memorable portraits. Her real skill however is her ability to get the best out of her subjects by putting a family at ease and making the experience enjoyable for all

Joel G. London

Rosalind they are WONDERFUL. Really really really beautiful. Sitting here all tearful. Thank you thank you thank you.

Olivia W. West London