The portraits from my Traders project will be on show at 35-37 Church Street NW8 8ES between 7th and 9th July. 

The aim of this project was to portray the local market traders and business people in the area. I live a few minutes walk from the market, and I see many of the people in these photos as I walk through or shop there. The market is busy and I wanted to try to take the stallholders, bakers and shopkeepers out of their normal surroundings, and spend a little time with them creating a formal and classical type of portrait.

I asked nearly all of them to choose an object that they felt symbolised their trades or wares, and the objects themselves were amazing: a beautiful salmon; a polished brass antique telescope; a baker's uniform; a reproduction of the head of Michaelangelo's 'David'; some glossy pomegranates; vintage hair clippers; a tailor's ruler.

I met so many people, and was inspired by their kindness in taking the project so seriously, as well as their generosity with their time, especially when I was asking them to leave their busy shops or stalls.

Church St is like no other market that I know, with its mix of fruit, veg and fish stalls, street food and utility shops at one end, and the fascinating world of Alfie's Antiques and all the independent and quirky arts and antiques dealers' shops at the other. I hope the portraits will inspire people to visit and find out more.

rosA5tradersfinalwith logo.jpg